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LED Linear Light

DLD Series

For Warehouse Lighting / Tunneling Lighting / Office Lighting


Brightest LED lights in the world from OSW Lighting Co., LTD

CE RoHS TUV CB, 5 years warranty;

High Efficiency and energy saving, easy installation, easy maintenance;

Patent and fashion design, make you more competitive;

High quality, unique technology, safer and more stable;

Additional function join to this wonderful lighting system: Motion Sensor Module, Track Light Module, Emergency Module;

    Trunking Rail
    ·3-phase pre-selection via moving of contact pin prior to installation in rail
    ·Trunking rail as standard with 5, 7 core through-wiring with 2.5mm² cable cross-section
    ·The maximum current is 16A, allowing PC style and lens style of 150cm in one serial
    ·Philips general power supply .dimming or emergency supply can be used

    ·Electrical feed possible in central or end area of a trunking rail arrangement via special trunking rail element
    ·Trunking rail modules with pre-assembled connectors
    ·Wide distances between suspension points to 3m with self-supporting connector elements

    ·Simple mounting of trunking rail elements with pre-assembled connectors with integral plug-in system (electrical and mechanical connection)
    ·Flexible electrical feed-in and feed-out points
    ·Terminal feed-in connector for easily connecting with electricity


    A wide range of optics from sharp to wide distribution, as well as asymmetric
    ·sharp distribution, 30 degree
    ·narrow distribution, 60 degree
    ·wide distribution, 90 degree
    ·flat distribution, PC 120 degree
    double asymmetric distribution (LR)25degree

    Emergency Lighting Function

    ·It can work on normal mains and automatically switch to emergency supply in the event of a power failure to provide sufficient light and ensure safe evacuation in emergency situations.
    ·A wide variety of self contained battery is available, as well as two independent emergency lighting circuits in the trunking.   Dimming & Multi-Sensor System
    ·3 different dimming system, DALI, 1-10V and witch
    ·It does not only have an integrated microwave
    sensor for movement detection, but also a daylight sensor.


    ·Pendant Cord Installation
    ·Surface Mounted

    Node Connector

    X, L and T Standard Module Node connectors Node connector could be electrical feed-in
    Each node connector has diverse of electrical feed-in and feed-out


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